PRE-ORDER: I Am Going Up Come With Me [DELUXE CD]


PRE-ORDER High Five Spaceship’s third album on CD, an electro-pop jukebox with a hint of post-modern melancholy.



PRE-ORDER: estimated shipping January 2019

High Five Spaceship’s upcoming third album, I Am Going Up Come With Me, is an eclectic jukebox featuring new and old collaborators including Whitney Galaher (Dear Ears), Bryarly, Daniel Dobbs, and Demarquis Robert. Post-modern electronica for fans of: Gorillaz, The Avalanches, Moby, Arca, Hot Chip, Clams Casino, Childish Gambino.

DELUXE CD edition comes in a beautiful jewel case w/ colour insert. It includes digital extras including 5 exclusive tracks, available for immediate download.

About the album:

After a moody second album, producer and lead performer Christopher Bingham was determined to make a third HFS record more excitable, fun, and at times even goofy, whilst maintaining that solemn side that has always defined his lyrics and soundscapes. I Am Going Up Come With Me achieves exactly that. Taking its title from the dying words of American philosopher Amos Alcott, this album is something that at first glance is full of naive hope and happiness, but when put in its proper context reveals a deep and very human sadness.

Through collaborations new and old, Going Up connects the dots that have been present in all Bingham’s music to date- an exploration of the organic vs digital; what it is to be alive and young in this decade; and a healthy fear and mistrust of our technological and cultural future. The first track, Hegemonikon, makes mention of ‘filming bodies in the woods’, a very timely reference to the controversy surrounding Logan Paul and YouTube at the start of 2018. In the same breath he vows to ‘use [his] voice to do some good’, but then can’t help but make references to video games and meme culture as if to say ‘none of this really matters’.

Unlike previous outings, Going Up isn’t trying to tell a story. Each song simply demands to be enjoyed for what it is, from the distorted self-pity of Grace Engine, to the unfiltered ego of AndrU Needs Ur Love, to the contemplative late-night instrumental Great Dot Wav. This third record from High Five Spaceship is their most mature and cohesive effort yet, both happy and sad, rich in detail yet accessible in its simplicity.

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