High Five Spaceship’s second album on vinyl. A concept album about love, art, and the end of the world.



High Five Spaceship’s second album, MMCCXV, is a vision of the future. It features the extraordinary voice of Bryarly and performances from TVMPST, Elliott Morris, Carlos Montero, and the Bingham String Quartet. Moody, guitar & beats-led prog electronica for fans of: Oceansize, Pink Floyd, Yes, Human Pyramids, Earl Sweatshirt, Murder Is Not A Crime.

The vinyl edition comes in a gorgeous full-colour printed sleeve, with photo printed labels, and a lyric sheet while stocks last.

About the album:

Inspired partly by the changing world and industry around him and partly by a childhood raised on classic concept albums, HFS producer Christopher Bingham decided that their second album should tell a story. The result is a 10-track indictment of modern culture, fuelled by caffeine and depressants, wrapped up in a sci-fi story about the end of the world.

“Just stay on the line…”

Throughout MMCCXV, named for the year in which its story is set, the syrupy voice of American singer-songwriter Bryarly is at odds Bingham’s cracked, vulnerable transatlantic drone and Sydney-based TVMPST’s punchy rap. Guitarist Carlos Montero channels a classic tonality in his riffs, reminiscent of a long-gone golden age in progressive rock, while uneasy sequenced beats conjure the more immediate, present-day culture of trap and hip-hop.

In the first track, Passage, the protagonist of MM‘s story blasts off into the unknown on a wave of searing echoshifter distortion, clashing chords, and white noise percussion. Lyrics like ‘Didn’t want my father’s craft, didn’t want my mother’s god’ paint a bleak image of the life he is leaving behind, and yet he can’t help but hold onto one last connection to it- a distant lover’s voice that crackles over the intercom. By the final track, Wisła, this connection is lost and all he has now is an empty and unknowable future.

Buy MMCCXV on CD or vinyl to own the second golden record, a message in a bottle sent out into the void.