Progress [VINYL]


High Five Spaceship’s debut album on vinyl, featuring twelve tracks of collaborative electro-rock.



High Five Spaceship’s self-published debut, Progress, is a collaborative album featuring guest performers Daniel Dobbs, Jack Shaw, Corinna Jane, Jenny Bingham, Elliott Morris and more… Energetic, guitar-driven electro rock for fans of: Oceansize, Hot Chip, HEALTH, St Vincent, Grimes.

Vinyl version comes in gorgeous 12″ vinyl with full-colour printed sleeve and printed labels. Specially mastered for vinyl and strictly limited to 300 copies.

About the album:

Right from the opening track on Progress, we get an insight into producer Christopher Bingham’s mind that sets the tone for the whole record. It’s called All Roads, a winding, ethereal intro that leaves you wanting more. Indeed, ‘all roads’ do seem to have lead him to making music. Even if that wasn’t the plan. Even if he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. He feels he must.

As a debut album calling Progress ambitious is an understatement. The goal was to bring together eight close friends, all talented musicians from different backgrounds and genres, to work on a mixtape that fused their different styles and practices into one glorious unit. The result is a bizarre, often surprising, and ultimately loveable collection of songs.

As a first release it’s raw and rough around the edges. But hey, everybody has to start somewhere. As the detached and sardonic voice of David Rees reminds us in the closing moments of Nomad, this is “the first of hundreds of pencils [read: albums] you’ll be sharpening and you’re only going to get better at it. So don’t look back.”

Like Rees’s symbolic broken pencil, Progress was ultimately intended to exist for only a moment. A starting point for a long and prolific life of music-making. It’s original CD and vinyl run is the only time it will ever be pressed, after which both physical and digital copies will cease to be available.

Order a copy of Progress today to own a piece of HFS history.